Helping business owners illumiate what makes them unique and valuable is quintessential for me to deliver my best work. It's something I find very tough to do for myself, yet here I am.

I am a creative generalist. I've spent a huge chunk of my life as a singer/songwriter, a mother (ongoing), a website designer, a graphic artist, copywriter,  and a marketer. I rarely say 'No' to challenges because in almost every instance, there is an answer or tool available to make nearly everything possible. It's how I've maintained and grown professionally for nearly 15 years. I've worked with marketing firms, and an extremely wide variety of business owners and entrepeneurs, making me a versatile designer.

I enjoy collaboration with other creative professionals and opportunites to communicate and share ideas and strategies.

I am also a complete foodie. I love to bake and cook and most of all, eat. I've catered small social gatherings and my pies have auctioned for more that $700! How many people can say that?! I enjoy time with friends, camping, traveling, volunteering, and teaching. I give voice lessons to a couple of neighborhood kids and love it.

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